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FP7: InTopSens

Full Name: A highly integrated optical sensor for point of care label free identification of sepsis bacteria strains and their antibiotic resistance

Duration: 1/9/2008-31/8/2011 (Finished)

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People involved

Publications in the framework of this project (3)

    International Journals

  1. T. Claes, W. Bogaerts, P. Bienstman, Vernier-cascade label-free biosensor with integrated arrayed waveguide grating for wavelength interrogation with low-cost broadband source, Optics Letters, 36(17), p.3320--3322 doi:10.1364/OL.36.003320 (2011)  Download this Publication (341KB).
      International Conferences

    1. T. Claes, W. Bogaerts, P. Bienstman, Vernier-cascade silicon photonic label-free biosensor with very large sensitivity and low-cost interrogation, Proceedings of SPIE 8099, United States, doi:10.1117/12.891818 (2011)  Download this Publication (1.3MB).
    2. Daniel Hill, Niklas Sandström, Kristinn Gylfason, Fredrik Carlborg, Mikael Karlsson, T. Moh, Tommy Haraldsson, Hans Sohlström, Aman Russom, Göran Stemme, Wouter van der Wijngaart, T. Claes, P. Bienstman, A. Kazmierczak, F. Dortu, M. J. Bañuls Polo, A. Maquieira Catala, G. M. Kresbach, L. Vivien, J. Popplewell, G. Ronan, C. A. Barrios, Microfluidic and transducer technologies for lab on a chip applications, 32nd Annual International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC, Argentina, p.305-307 (2010)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).