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Full Name: Regeneration of Pulse Shape, Amplitude and Timing

Duration: 1/3/98-31/12/99 (Finished)


  • Alcatel Alsthom Recherche (France)
    Heinrich Hertz Institute (Germany)
    Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
    Linkoping Institute of Technology (Sweden)
    Ericsson Telecom B (Sweden)
    British Telecommunications plc (U.K.)
    Technical University Denmark (Denmark)


  • Development and realisation of devices for clock recovery and decision, based either on all-optical schemes or on electrical schemes for 10Gb/s and beyond.

INTEC's Role:

  • To investigate both theoretically and experimentally the potential of a new optical decision circuit based on an interferometer with identical gain clamped semiconductor optical amplifiers in each arm (concept patented).