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Full Name: Broadband Lightwave Sources and Systems

Duration: 1/9/95-31/8/98 (Finished)


  • POC
  • Siemens
  • GMMT
  • IMC
  • Telefonica
  • CNET
  • HHI
  • TUDelft
  • TUEindhoven
  • GAP-Optique S.A
  • Telenor Research
  • Univ.of Athens
  • Lisbon Technical University


  • To bring to full maturity key advanced components and modules for photonic networks and to demonstrate their practical use in applications.

INTEC's Role:

  • Development of an automated characterisation and parameter extraction framework.
  • Development of advanced laser sources for high-bitrate transmission links and WDM-networks
  • Development of multi wavelength laser consisting of gain section and a passive wavelength demultiplexer based on phased array concept (active/passive integration achieved by selective area growth)
  • Targets : 4-8 channels
  • Channnel spacing : 400 GHz / 200 GHz

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