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PhD. of Reinhard Laroy

Author: Reinhard Laroy
Promotor: Geert Morthier
Dutch Title: Nieuwe concepten voor golflengte-afstembare laserdiodes voor toekomstige telecommunicatienetwerken
English Title: New concepts of wavelength tunable laser diodes for future telecom networks
Date: 22/4/2006
Main Language: Dutch / English
Thesis: Download the PhD Thesis (7.6MB) (7.6MB)


Widely tunable semiconductor laser diodes with tuning ranges of several tens of nanometers are considered key components in optical telecommunication networks and sensor applications. Those widely tunable lasers can help telecom operators worldwide to respond to the increasing bandwidth demand at a low price, while ntroducing new functionality and higher flexibility in the network.
The primary goal of this doctoral research was to evelop and experimentally investigate new types of widely tunable laser diodes that have the same qualities as (non-tunable) DFB lasers, i.e. high output
power and high side-mode suppression, and are widely tunable, easily controllable and easily manufacturable.
Two new types of widely tunable laser diodes were developed and experimentally investigated during this doctoral research. Both concepts satisfy all the telecom specifications and they have a promising
dynamic behavior. Both designs are worthy competitors with other transmitters for optical telecom networks.

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