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Authors: A. Abbasi, J. Verbist, L. Abdollahi Shiramin, M. Verplaetse, T. De Keulenaer, R. Pierco, A. Vyncke, G. Torfs, G. Morthier, J. Bauwelinck, G. Roelkens
Title: 100 Gb/s Duobinary Electro-Absorption Modulation of a Heterogeneously Integrated InP-on-Si DFB Laser Diode
Format: International Conference Proceedings
Publication date: 5/2018
Journal/Conference/Book: European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO
Volume(Issue): p.Th.1.A.3-HRP
Location: Valencia, Spain
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We demonstrate for the first time a serial 100 Gb/s transmission with a heterogeneously integrated InP/Si DFB laser by operating the InP tapers – used to couple to the underlying silicon waveguide- as electro-absorption modulators. An in-house developed driver IC, fabricated in a 0.13μm SiGe BiCMOS technology, employing a 4x1 multiplexer and an analog six tap feedforward equalizer was used to generate a duobinary modulated signal at 100 Gb/s on the tapers, requiring no power-consuming digital signal processing (DSP) or digital-to-analog converters (DAC). With these devices, open eyes and a bit-error ratio (BER) down to 1.6E-3 at 100 Gb/s electrical duobinary are obtained. As the DFB consists of 2 independent tapers and emits light from both ends, this laser can be used to generate 2x 100 Gb/s data streams from a single transmitter, leading to a reduction in area, power and packaging cost over a 2-laser approach. Such a transmitter would be an attractive solution for 200 GbE and 400 GbE transceivers in short-reach optical interconnects.

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