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Most cited publications of Kris Naessens

69 Direct writing of microlenses in polycarbonate with excimer laser ablation,
K. Naessens, H. Ottevaere, R. Baets, P. Van Daele, H. Thienpont,
Applied Optics (Optical Technology and Biomedical Optics), 42(1), p.6349-6359 doi:10.1364/ao.42.006349 (2003)
24 Excimer laser induced patterning of polymeric surfaces,
K. Callewaert, Y. Martele, L. Breban, K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets, H. Geuskens, E. Schacht,
Applied Surface Science, 208(218), p.218 doi:10.1016/s0169-4332(02)01376-4 (2002)
13 Controlled patterning of biomolecules on solid surfaces,
Y. Martele, K. Callewaert, K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets, E. Schacht,
Material Science and Engineering C, 23, p.341 doi:10.1016/s0928-4931(02)00281-3 (2003)
11 Excimer laser ablation based microlens fabrication for optical fiber coupling purposes,
K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets,
Proceedings of SPIE, 4941, Belgium, p.133-139 doi:10.1117/12.468390 (2002)
3 Micropatterning of polyurethanes with lasers,
Y. Martele, K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets, K. Callewaert, E. Schacht,
Polymer International, 52, p.1641-1646 doi:10.1002/pi.935 (2003)
3 Laser ablation based technique for flexible fabrication of microlenses in polymer materials,
K. Naessens, P. Van Daele, R. Baets,
LPM 2001, Singapore, doi:10.1117/12.456880 (2001)
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