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ICT: Boom

Full Name: Terabit-on-chip:integrated photonic routers

Duration: 1/6/2008-30/5/2011 (Finished)


  • Project leader: ICCS/NTUA (Greece)


  • BOOM is an integration project that aims to pursue the systematic advancement of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) integration technology to develop compact, cost-effective and power efficient silicon photonic components that enable photonic Tb/s capacity systems for current and new generation high speed broadband core networks. BOOM develops fabrication techniques as well as flip-chip bonding and die-to-wafer integration methods to fabricate and mount the complete family of III-V components on SOI. As such the BOOM SOI optical board technology will be able to blend the cost-effectiveness and integration potential of silicon with the high bandwidth and processing power of III-V material and provide a new generation of functional and miniaturized photonic components including:
  • (a) a single 160 Gb/s SOI Wavelength Converter (WC) and a quadruple array of 160 Gb/s WCs with a record chip throughput of 640 Gb/s on a size 20x5 mm2
  • (b) a compact, eight channel, ultra dense WDM InAlAs-InGaAs photoreceiver with record high responsivity
  • (c) a dual SOI EML transmitter together with its electronic drivers on a single chip.
  • In addition, BOOM invests in the development of improved CMOS compatible waveguide technologies to fabricate miniaturized, low loss and fully reconfigurable wavelength routing cross-connects based on two dimensional grids of serially interconnected micro-ring resonators. BOOM will perform system level integration of all the components to assemble the first prototype rack-mount, ultra-high capacity router based on silicon photonics that will require minimum board space and power consumption and achieve a total throughput of 640 Gb/s.

INTEC's Role:

  • Realize UHDWDM receiver

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Publications in the framework of this project (9)

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