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Silicon compatible laser based on colloidal quantum dots

Research Area: Heterogeneous integration technology for silicon photonics , Integrated lasers and LEDs

Main Researcher: Pieter Geiregat

A cheap, reliable and robust light source integrated on silicon is often identified as a major missing link in silicon photonics research. We are using a different approach than usual by depositing colloidal quantum dots, produced in suspension through wet chemical synthesis. These quantum dots have a very efficient photoluminescence and can be tuned to a specific emission wavelength by controlling their size.

TEM image of a colloidal PbSe nanocrystal
TEM image of a colloidal PbSe nanocrystal

The synthesis of these IV-VI nanocrystals (PbSe, PbS, PbTe) has been perfected at the Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures Group. Further development of core/shell nanocrystals is ongoing, coating the PbX quantum dots with the higher bandgap CdX (X=Se,S,Te). This stabilizes the luminescence and resolves oxidation problems. Furthermore engineering is being done to develop a core/shell quantum dot with staggered or type-II band alignment. These have very promising properties like ultra-low threshold for lasing applications.

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    International Journals

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      International Conferences

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