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Development of photonic crystal cavities to probe biological solutions with nanoscale resolution

Research Area: Super-resolved microscopy enabled by silicon photonics

Main Researcher: Saurav Kumar

Planar photonic crystal cavities are unique optical resonators that can confine light in a sub-wavelength volume and produce at the same time sharp frequency resonances. As a result, a strong light-matter interaction can take place and significantly modify some physical observables. The integration of such cavities on a chip enables the implementation of a highly resolved and sensitive spectrometry.
The research topic is focusing on the design of photonic crystal cavities in view of characterizing biomolecules based on a new technique called dynamic resonant optical frequency shift spectroscopy. The target is to determine the size and shape of single proteins in complex colloidal solutions.

Other people involved:


    International Journals

  1. K. Saurav, N. Le Thomas, Probing the fundamental detection limit of photonic crystal cavities, Optica, 4(7), p.757-763 doi:10.1364/optica.4.000757 (2017)  Download this Publication (1.4MB).
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      International Conferences

    1. N. Le Thomas, Fundamental sensing limits of integrated nanophotonic sensors, Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference (OSA - LAOP 2018) (invited), Peru, p.paper Tu2A.1 (2 pages) (2018)  Download this Publication (2MB).
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