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Full Name: Chip Scale Electrically Powered Optical Frequency Combs

Duration: 1/3/2018-28/2/2023

Research topics involved

Publications in the framework of this project (31)

    International Journals

  1. D. Maes, S. Lemey, G. Roelkens, M. Zaknoune, V. Avramovic, E. Okada, P. Szriftgiser, E. Peytavit, G. Ducournau, B. Kuyken, High-speed uni-traveling-carrier photodiodes on silicon nitride, APL Photonics, 8(1), p.016104 doi:10.1063/5.0119244 (2023)  Download this Publication (5.6MB).
  2. A. Hermans, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, On-chip optical comb sources, APL Photonics (invited), 7, p.100901 doi:10.1063/5.0105164 (2022)  Download this Publication (10MB).
  3. S. Cuyvers, A. Hermans, M. Kiewiet, J. Goyvaerts, G. Roelkens, K. Van Gasse, D. Van Thourhout, B. Kuyken, Heterogeneous integration of Si photodiodes on silicon nitride for near-visible light detection, Optics Letters, 47(4), p.937-940 doi: (2022)  Download this Publication (2.6MB).
  4. M. Billet, L.N Reis, Y. Leger, C. Cornet, F. Raineri, I. Sagnes, K. Pantzas, G. Beaudoin, G. Roelkens, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, Gallium phosphide-on-insulator integrated photonic structures fabricated using micro-transfer printing, Optical Materials Express, (2021).
  5. S. Cuyvers, B. Haq, G. Roelkens, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Mode-locked comb lasers for chip-scale spectroscopy, Compound Semiconductor (invited), 27(7), p.60-64 (2021)  Download this Publication (478KB).
  6. C. Op de Beeck, F. M. Mayor, S. Cuyvers, S. Poelman, J. F. Herrmann, O. Atalar, T. P. McKenna, B. Haq, W. Jiang, J. D. Witmer, G. Roelkens, A. H. Safavi-Naeini, R. Van Laer, B. Kuyken, III/V-on-lithium niobate amplifiers and lasers, Optica, 8(10), p. 1288-1289 doi: (2021)  Download this Publication (4.8MB).
  7. A. Hermans, K. Van Gasse, J. O. Kjellman, C. Caer, T. Nakamura, Y. Inada, K. Hisada, T. Hirasawa, S. Cuyvers, S. Kumari, A. Marinins, R. Jansen, G. Roelkens, P. Soussan, X. Rottenberg, B. Kuyken, High-pulse-energy III-V-on-silicon-nitride mode-locked laser, APL Photonics, 6, p.096102 doi:10.1063/5.0058022 (2021)  Download this Publication (6.5MB).
  8. S. Cuyvers, S. Poelman, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Hybrid modeling approach for mode‑locked laser diodes with cavity dispersion and nonlinearity, Scientific Reports, 11(10027), doi: (2021)  Download this Publication (2MB).
  9. E. Vissers, S. Poelman, C. Op de Beeck, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Hybrid integrated mode-locked laser diodes with a silicon nitride extended cavity, Optics Express, 29(10), p.15013-15022 doi:10.1364/OE.422621 (2021)  Download this Publication (4MB).
  10. A. Verschelde, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, M. Giudici, G. Huyet, M. Marconi, Analysis of the phase-locking dynamics of a III-V-on-silicon frequency comb laser, OSA Continuum, 4(1), p.129-136 doi:10.1364/OSAC.412039 (2021)  Download this Publication (3.7MB).
  11. C. Ciret, K. Alexander, N. Poulvellarie, M. Billet, C. Mas Arabi, B. Kuyken, S-P. Gorza, F. Leo, Influence of Longitudinal Mode Components on Second Harmonic Generation in III-V-on-insulator Nanowires, Optics Express, p.31584-31593 doi:10.1364/OE.402150 (2020)  Download this Publication (1MB).
  12. N. Poulvellarie, U.D. Dave, K. Alexander, C. Ciret, M. Billet, C. Mas Arabi, F. Raineri, S. Combrie, A. De Rossi, G. Roelkens, S-P. Gorza, B. Kuyken, F. Leo, Second Harmonic Generation Enabled by Longitudinal Electric Field Components in Photonic Wire Waveguides, Physical Review A, p.023521 (6 pages) doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.102.023521 (2020)  Download this Publication (1.1MB).
  13. C. Op de Beeck, B. Haq, L. Elsinger, A. Gocalinska, E. Pelucchi, B. Corbett, G. Roelkens, B. Kuyken, Heterogeneous III-V on silicon nitride amplifiers and lasers via microtransfer printing, Optica, 7(5), p.386-393 doi:10.1364/OPTICA.382989 (2020)  Download this Publication (2.6MB).
      International Conferences

    1. J. Zhang, L. Bogaert, M. Billet, D. Wang, B. Pan, S. Qin, E. Soltanian, S. Cuyvers, D. Maes, T. Vanackere, T. Vandekerckhove, S. Poelman, M. Kiewiet, I. Luntadila Lufungula, X. Guo, H. Li, J. De Witte, G. Lepage, P. Verheyen, J. Van Campenhout, B. Kuyken, G. Morthier, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, G. Roelkens, Photonic integrated circuits realized using micro-transfer printing, (invited) publication in PIERS,  (to be published).
    2. T. Reep, C. Wu, E. Vissers, S. Brems, D. Yudistira, J. Van Campenhout, M. Pantouvaki, D. Van Thourhout, B. Kuyken, An experimental demonstration of a passively mode-locked laser using an integrated graphene saturable absorber, IEEE Benelux Photonics Chapter - Annual Symposium 2022, Netherlands, p.197-200 (2022)  Download this Publication (2.7MB).
    3. S. Poelman, S. Cuyvers, E. Vissers, J. De Witte, B. Haq, A. Hermans, N. Picque, G. Roelkens, B. Kuyken, Low Repetition Rate Mode-Locked Laser on a Commercial Foundry Low-Index Photonic Platform, accepted for publication in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, United States,  (to be published).
    4. M. Torreele, S. Cuyvers, T. Reep, K. Van Gasse, E. Bente, B. Kuyken, Hybrid modeling technique for on-chip extended cavity semiconductor mode-locked lasers, 28th International Semiconductor Laser Conference, Japan, p.paper TuP-37 (2 pages) (2022).
    5. I. Luntadila Lufungula, A.Shams-Ansari, C. Op de Beeck, S. Cuyvers, S. Poelman, G. Roelkens, M. Loncar, B. Kuyken, Two-step transfer printed single mode DFB laser on LN, Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Society Benelux Chapter, Belgium, (2021)  Download this Publication (221KB).
    6. J. De Witte, S. Cuyvers, S. Poelman, B. Kuyken, D. Van Thourhout, Realization of Fabrication-Tolerant Si3N4-Si Mode Transformers, IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), (2021).
    7. S. Cuyvers, B. Haq, C. Op de Beeck, S. Poelman, A. Hermans, Z. Wang, G. Roelkens, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Chip-scale electrically-pumped III-V-on-Silicon-Nitride frequency comb, accepted for publication in Photonics Online Meetup,  (to be published).
    8. T. Vanackere, M. Billet, C. Op de Beeck, S. Poelman, G. Roelkens, S. Clemmen, B. Kuyken, Micro-Transfer Printing of Lithium Niobate on Silicon Nitride, European Conference on Optical Communication, Belgium, (2020).
    9. S. Cuyvers, B. Haq, C. Op de Beeck, S. Poelman, A. Hermans, Z. Wang, G. Roelkens, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Ultra-Dense III-V-on-Silicon Nitride Frequency Comb Laser , European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Belgium, p.paper TH1L-4 (3 pages) (2020).
    10. S. Poelman, K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, Multimode interference reflector for anti-colliding III-V-on-silicon-nitride mode-locked lasers, European Semiconductor Laser Workshop 2020, Netherlands, (2020)  Download this Publication (2.4MB).
    11. K. Van Gasse, B. Kuyken, A. Verschelde, M. Giudici, M. Marconi, G. Huyet, Analysis of the Phase-Locking Dynamics of a III-V-on-Silicon Ring Mode-Locked Laser, Frontiers in Optics, p.paper FW7F.3 (2020).
    12. M. Billet, Y. Leger, C. Cornet, F. Raineri, I. Sagnes, G. Roelkens, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, Gallium phosphide-on-insulator photonics enabled by micro-transfer printing, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.ITu2A.6 (2020).
    13. J. Wei, C. Ciret, M. Billet, F. Leo, B. Kuyken, S-P. Gorza, Octave spanning supercontinuum generation in dispersion-managed silicon waveguides, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.IM4A.5 (2020).
    14. M. Pu, Y. Liu, C. Kim, Y. Zheng, E. Semenova, D. Kong, Hao Hu, Michael Galili, L. Katsuo Oxenlowe, B. Kuyken, M. Billet, F. Leo, Kresten Yvind, Broadband optical signal processing in AlGaAs-on insulator waveguides, OSA Advanced Photonics Congress (invited), doi:10.1364/IPRSN.2020.ITu2A.1 (2020).
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    16. K. Van Gasse, J. Huh, Z.Chen, S. Poelman, Z. Wang, G. Roelkens, T. W. Haensch, B. Kuyken, N. Picque, III-V-on-silicon mode-locked lasers with 1-GHz line spacing for dual-comb spectroscopy, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), United States, p.paper SF1G.5 (2 pages) (2020)  Download this Publication (341KB).
    17. M. Shahin, J. Rahimi Vaskasi, J. Van Kerrebrouck, A. Abbasi, K. Van Gasse, M. Muneeb, L. Breyne, P. Ossieur, X. Yin, J. Bauwelinck, G. Roelkens, G. Morthier, Demonstration of 80 Gbps NRZ-OOK Electro-Absorption Modulation of InP-on-Si DFB Laser Diodes, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), United States, doi:10.1364/CLEO_SI.2019.STh4N.1 (2019)  Download this Publication (1.8MB).